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Denise Bolduc ​​​


Our tender and beloved mother left us peacefully in her sleep on January 23, 2018 at the age of 78 without any suffering or anguish.


For many years, Mom has been doing meditation every day. She had thus found inner peace which allowed her to live her last days with serenity and harmony.


Mom was not afraid of death, for her it was not the end in itself, it was rather the passage into another dimension of life. A place where she could join her family and close friends who are in paradise.


Mom as for many years told us that she was ready to go on her celestial journey. She had a very beautiful life filled with love and without regret, which contributed to her acceptance of her anticipated departure.


As her sons, we can say that life has spoiled us for having a such extraordinary Mother and we will never forget everything she has taught us such as : unconditional love, generosity, respect, living and let live, be positive, living the present moment, letting go, keeping an open mind, trusting in life and much more.


It is the will of our Mother that her departure be celebrated in joy and not in sadness. You are therefore invited to view Mom's photo album and look at the moments of happiness with her family and friends.  Also, Mom wishes no expense to be made following her passing in terms of service, flowers, gifts or donations.


We would like to specifically thank Dr Patrascu, the neighbours wich she called her angels Julie, Marcia and Deborah for making a big difference in the quality of Mom's end of life.


You have been a wonderful Mother, we will always love you and will miss you every remaining days of our lives.

Styve & Kevin


Please leave us a message, a thought, a memory or even any pictures of Denise that we will add to this Web page or photo album by e-mailing to .

On behalf of all of us, and to you, Steve and everyone in your families, we send our heartfelt condolences.  She was always a very special ma tante to me.  I have many sweet memories of her from Canada and Palm Springs.  I still cherish many things she gave to me when I was little and which are a constant reminder of her, e.g my grey lapin.  My daughter who is almost 8 brings it with her everywhere now! Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Much love and blessings,


Caroline and John and Mon Oncle Bob

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