360° Virtual Tour

As a Google Street View Trusted photographer, we offer a Virtual Tour creation service by capturing 360° panoramic images and linking them together on Google Maps free platform. If the 360° photos are not allowed on Google Maps (ex. Real Estate), we will host them on another free recommended platform: GoogleTour Creator, TheasysRoundme, iStagingEyespy360Kuula, HolobuilderTheviewerWalkintoCupixVrprotour3dvistaMatterport...

A 360° Virtual Tour allow Internet users from any computer, tablet or mobile device, to be able to visit a location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


It lets you be there, without being there!


Advantages :


  • More visibility in Google search results and Google Maps;

  • Better visual experience that can increase customers interest to come in person;

  • Provide a sense of confidence that helps you to stand out from your competitors;

  • Easily add to your website, social networks, blog and email, using a simple link;

  • Could be used for insurance purposes.


Here are some examples where a Virtual Tour can be useful:


  • Sell a valuable asset (land, house, boat, RV, equipment...)

  • Show or sell a business

  • Follow a step by step construction project;

  • Share a special event

  • Show a specific location

  • And much more...

We give you a copy of your 360 ° photos which you own the copyright.

Training / Coaching

The objective of this service is to allow you to be autonomous to create your own website and all your multimedia content. You set your learning pace and determine your budget.


Regardless of your age and your level in computer skills, it will be possible for you to:


  • Properly handle your photo and video equipment;

  • Edit your image using free online tools;

  • Create a free Web photo album with Google Photos;

  • Create a free Virtual Tour using a 360° camera or a mobile device;

  • Create small video clips and post them to your YouTube or Vimeo account;

  • Create a professional website and effectively administer your updates;

  • Buy your own .com web address.


Private courses or semi-private (3-5 participants). You can choose your training content that fits your specific needs.



Website creation 

We specialize in projects below $1,000 including your online store. For that, we use a simple and inexpensive technology recipe (Wix web builder, Google free tools, Godaddy domain name and Paypal for secure payment).


The approach is simple; we analyze your needs and then propose an action plan based on your budget. We don’t lose time with the design creation because we choose a Website template from the Wix 500 designs catalogue. But we do customize your design according to your choice of colors, your logo and your images.


Once the Website is completed, you will be able to change the contents of your Web pages after following a small training tutorial on YouTube.


Video editing

The service aims to produce small video clips that fit your requirement needs and your budget. You can even assist us in the video editing process and participate in the final production. The process is simple, we edit your videos and cut the appropriate scenes to fit the desired total length of the final video, and if applicable, the narrator explanation. As well, we can add background music and text descriptions if necessary.


When the work is completed, we will provide you with a DVD copy so you can download it for free on your YouTube account.


Stand out from the crowd with your video production and get noticed by Google!


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