iZiWeb was incorporated in February 2001, offering an alternative approach to the traditional website creation. The concept at that time was to be the equivalent of a “fast food” for web services.


The principal objective was to facilitate small business and organizations in promoting their presence on the Web. Today, after more than 17 years of operation, iZiWeb continues to offer affordable services for website and 360° multimedia creation.


To facilitate your presence on the web using simple, fast and affordable solutions.


Assuming that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is clear that a 360° Web Multimedia message is an extremely powerful communication tool. It is from this vision that iZiWeb acts as a Internet facilitator. 


For iZiWeb:


  • It is more effective to use online solutions (Web-based);

  • The content is more important than the container;

  • Transparency is essential in order to stand out;

  • The KISS concept works best.

Target customers

Businesses, organizations, professionals and self-employed individuals who wish to benefit from using the web and its 360° multimedia capabilities, without going through a complex and costly process.

Area of expertise

  • Real estate

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Tourism

  • Agri-Food Industry

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