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Since 2001


Since 2018, iZiWeb has mainly specialized in the creation of 360° Virtual Tours which consist of photographing 360° panoramic images (sphere photos) and linking them together on the Google Maps platform or on another recommended web platform (example: Kuula, Matterport).


360° Virtual Tours serve as a complementary marketing tool to photos and videos. They precisely meet the need for transparency that is increasingly sought after by internet users.

collège Champagneur.jpg

Click here to view the 360° album of Collège Champagneur.


  • Selling or renting a valuable asset (house, condo, land, boat, RV, airplane, equipment...);

  • Presenting or selling a business;

  • Digitizing a construction project step by step;

  • Sharing a special event;

  • Showing a specific location;

  • Updating photos on Google Maps Street View;

  • Training employees of a company;

  • Assisting with insurance claims and warranties processes; 

  • And much more...

Details: Provide detailed visual information that increases the level of interest and trust of potential clients. 


Efficient: Minimize time and money losses caused by unnecessary travel.


Competitive: Be among the first to use 360° Virtual Tours to stand out from the competition.

Visibility: Easily integrate into a website, social networks, blogs, and emails with a simple internet link. Can be viewed easily from any device (cell phone, computer, tablet, VR headset) and accessible 24/7.

Free: Hosting is offered for free by Google Maps and Google Earth.

Interactive: Wen using a private platform, the content is multimedia. Each 360° photo can contain texts, photos, videos, sound, animations, geographical maps, plans, links. See example.


Google: A 360° Virtual Tour helps to appear more in Google search results. It is high-quality visual content recognized and encouraged by Google.


To prepare before the intervention:

  • Clear the area of any clutter or unnecessary items, such as clothing, shoes, trash, or personal belongings; 

  • Ensure that furniture is organized and arranged in a neat and presentable manner.

  • Remove any personal items or decorations that may be considered distracting or inappropriate;

  • Thoroughly clean the space, including floors, surfaces, and windows, to ensure a tidy appearance; 

  • Open curtains and blinds, turn on all types of lighting (ceiling lights, lamps, under-cabinet lights, kitchen hood, furniture...) and replace burnt-out bulbs;

  • Choose the right time (weather, sunlight brightness, traffic, seasonal decor, renovation...).



  • Consultation and special projects;

  • Video production

  • Website creation

  • Web and Multimedia training.

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